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24 May 2017


Britain's blood donor service has been seeking to manage public desire to help after the Manchester pop concert bombing atrocity.

Social media posts wrongly urged would-be donors to visit hospitals and offer blood.

Yesterday NHS Blood and Transplant and local health organisations in Manchester had to issue messages stating there was no need for emergency donors.

The suicide bomb on Monday night has left at least 22 dead and dozens very seriously injured. The youngest known fatality is a child of eight.

Manchester Children's Hospital cleared its trauma beds - moving patients to Liverpool - as it took in 12 very seriously injured children.

NHS Blood and Transplant urged well-wishers to sign up for blood donation and ensure they attended for donation when requested.

The organisation's director of blood donation Mike Stredder said: 'Thank you for thinking of giving blood at this time. We do have all the blood required for hospital patients at the present time.

'If you have an appointment to give blood in the next few days, please do your best to keep it, particularly if you are blood group O negative.'


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