31 January 2017

Forster Communications, a communications consultancy appointed by the British Association for Haematology, will be running two focus groups at the BSH Annual Scientific Meeting as part of a review it is conducting into its membership offer and services.


The focus groups are designed to help the Society better understand how it currently supports its members, and test new ways in which the BSH can improve the services and benefits it offers to members so that it is better placed to recruit, support and involve more haematology professionals in the future.


The BSH is looking for a selection of member and non-member participants (up to 10 in each group) who are either consultant haematologists or specialist trainees for a 30 minute focus group on Tuesday 28 March at the following times.


1.00pm -1.30pm – consultant haematologists

1.30pm – 2.00pm – specialist trainees


If you are a consultant haematologist or specialist trainee and are interested in participating please contact Louise Fitzgerald at Louise@b-s-h.org.uk