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BSH Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together professionals interested in specific areas of haematology.

The groups organise meetings and seminars to enable discussion, networking and exchange of information and views around relevant and current topics.

They are run by a committee of BSH members on an entirely voluntary basis.


Obstetric Haematology SIG

Obstetric Haematology is an area which does not have the luxury of large numbers of randomised controlled trials and good quality prospective studies, so expert opinion and shared experience is invaluable. 

To enhance communication and education, and to raise the profile of this emerging sub-specialty, Dr Sue Pavord and Professor Beverley Hunt established the Obstetric Haematology Group in 2001.

This group provides a supportive network to help clinicians in this high stakes area.

Our members range from:

  • Maternal Medicine
  • Obstetrician and Haematology Consultants
  • Registrars and Trainees
  • Midwives and Nurses

Educational meetings are run twice yearly, in Oxford and in London at St Thomas’ Hospital. 

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Lymphoma SIG

The British Society for Haematology (BSH) Lymphoma Special Interest Group (SIG) primarily has an educational role. The educational events will cover both the clinical aspects of lymphoma diagnosis and management as well as basic scientific and translational science. Lymphoma research will remain the remit of the lymphoma NCRI Lymphoma Clinical Studies Group.

The group will organise one educational event every year in autumn, in different geographical locations, and two business meetings per year. A second educational meeting might be held during the ASM, subject to the approval of the BSH Programme Committee.

The SIG will be open to both members and non-members of the BSH with a special interest in lymphoma.

The SIG committee will have 11 elected representatives, members of the BSH, with one reserved position for each of the devolved nations. There will also be co-opted members representing specialist nursing, imaging, histopathology and members in training. There will therefore be a total of 15 committee members. It is hoped that there will be even geographical representation but the elected members will be all be elected on the basis of votes cast without reference to their geographic location except for the reserved positions mentioned above. The Chair will be chosen from within the Committee, once elected, during the first business meeting.

Members will serve a three year term or less if agreed to allow a staggered rotation.

The BSH lymphoma SIG will also offer advice and professional opinion to and through the External Affairs Committee when requested to do so.

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