Educational update for Consultants/Specialist Registrars and related staff in CLL.

An educational update for all grades of staff involved with CLL with the focus being the CLL tumour microenvironment – basic biology to therapy



09.30        Registration and Coffee

10.00        Welcome

10.05        CLL biobanks                                                                        Dr Francesco Forconi, Southampton

                                                                                                           Dr Melanie Oates, Liverpool

 10.20        Notch1 controls trafficking of CLL cells by modulating               Professor Silvia Deaglio

                 expression of the tumour suppressor DUSP22                         University of Turin, Italy

 11.00        A second stimulus for CLL-CD40L/IL4 and its effects                Professor Simon Wagner

                                                                                                            University of Leicester

 11.20        Monocytes in CLL feature nurse-like and suppressor                 Dr Martina Seiffert

                 functions                                                                              German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg

 12.00        Lymph node/peripheral blood comparisons                               Dr Andrea Pepper

                                                                                                            King’s College London

 12.20        Lunch

 13.20        CLL-microenvironment interactions: a notch more                     Dr Ingo Ringhausen

                 complicated                                                                           University of Cambridge

 13.40        MicroRNAs and BCR signalling in CLL                                        Dr Marek Mraz

                                                                                                             University Hospital Brno

 14.20        ‘Tails’ from the tumour microenvironment                                 Professor Chris Pepper

                                                                                                             University of Cardiff

 14.40        Involvement of the nuclear lamina in somatic                             Dr Andrejs Ivanov

                 hypermutation and progression of B cell malignancies                Queen Mary, University of London

 15.00        The yin and yang of B-cell receptor signalling in CLL:                 Professor Graham Packham

                 imposing negative regulation via chemical activation                   University of Southampton

                 of SHIP1

 15.20        Coffee Break

 15.50        Clonal heterogeneity of BCR competence in CLL                        Dr Nagesh Kalakonda

                                                                                                            University of Liverpool

 16.10        Hamblin Prize award presentation                                            Dr Jon Strefford

                                                                                                            University of Southampton

                  Keynote Speaker

16.20        The CLL tissue microenvironment: from basic                            Professor Jan Burger

                 biology to therapy                                                                 MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

 17.10        Meeting Close


                          Registration Fee:         £40.00 Non-tenured posts / Scientists / Nurses

                                                                          £60.00 Consultants


Online registration now available at


For further information please contact or call 07900 634948 or 01296 584172

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