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Available exclusively to BSH Members, this grant can help you run meeting in your local area.  

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To support:


Running small focused meetings 

Maximum amount:


£1000 and this must be repaid in whole or part if the meeting makes a profit

Application details:



Applications should include all relevant supporting information including target audience, a preliminary programme and meeting costs/budget

Eligibility criteria:



All members who have been a BSH member for at least one year are entitled to submit an application

The meeting can be on any haematology-related subject but must be open to all BSH members and held in the UK, and the organisers must publicly acknowledge the support from the Society

If a registration fee is payable, this also applies to BSH members. The meeting should be advertised on the BSH website



None; applications can be made at any time, but should be submitted at least 12 weeks before the planned meeting

Number of grants available per year:






The applicant must be a current BSH member who has held membership for at least one year prior to application





A copy of the final accounts should be sent to the Scientific Secretary at grants@b-s-h.org.uk as soon as possible after the meeting





Anything we haven't answered yet?  If you have a query regarding grants, our frequently asked questions may answer your question, alternatively you can contact us at grants@b-s-h.org.uk and we will be happy to help