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These could include: A letter of support from your Head of Department or an outline of your proposal


To support:


UK-based undergraduates undertaking electives in the field of haematology

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The applicant must be an undergraduate resident in the UK

Application details:


Applications should include details of the project, approximate costs involved, brief curriculum vitae, a letter of support from the Dean or Clinical Tutor and a letter from the person supervising the project at the host institution



The deadline for applications for electives taking place during 2018 is 31st December 2017

When submitting an application, please allow sufficient time for this to be processed and the Trustees’ decision notified.  Please note that no retrospective claims will be considered

Number of grants available per year:


20 Scholarships available annually and all applications are competitively assessed



Each applicant should be sponsored by a fully paid-up member of the British Society for Haematology.  This member should indicate their support by emailing grants@b-s-h.org.uk



We ask for a short one-page report for publication on the BSH website within eight weeks of your return from the elective, explaining how valuable you found the experience

Questions?    Anything we haven't answered yet?  If you have a query regarding grants, our frequently asked questions may answer your question, alternatively you can contact us at grants@b-s-h.org.uk and we will be happy to help