17 November 2017

Two UK charities have announced plans to put £4 million into a new programme of clinical trials of stem cell transplantation.

The IMPACT programme will establish up to 12 clinical trials and involve about 1,500 patients.

The researchers say their challenge now is to improve the survival of adult transplant patients. More than 50% die within five years of the procedure.

According to the latest records, in 2014 just 5% of UK stem cell transplant patients were involved in trials.

The project is being backed by the Anthony Nolan and Leuka charities. It will see ten British hospitals getting funding for a dedicated research nurse.

IMPACT Medical director Professor David Marks said: “New, and improved, treatments for stem cell transplant patients can only become possible if they are evaluated and approved as part of a clinical trial.

“We have been unable to advance treatments at the same rate of other developed countries but, by making it easier to set up trials and recruit participants, IMPACT will ensure that medical advances reach patients more quickly and help fill the gaps in our current understanding.”

For more information please visit: https://www.impactpartnership.org.uk/


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