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22 November 2019

**This page has been updated** (22 Nov 2019)

Procedure for BSH nominations for ACCEA Awards & Responsibilities of BSH panel members

The Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) are awarded annually to consultants for quality, excellence, and exceptional personal contributions. Accredited bodies known as National Nominating Bodies and Specialist Societies submit ranked lists, assessing the relative excellence of a limited number of their members’ applications – this number is determined by the size of their constituency. These lists are given the term ‘Nominations’.

BSH can nominate a limited number of individuals applying for new awards

  • 8 Bronze
  • 3 Silver
  • 1 Gold

BSH can support all individuals applying for renewal of a previous award.


The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) administers the scheme directly and all applications must be made on ACCEA’s online system. The ACCEA will be open for application from Thursday 6 February 2020 (indicative date). ACCEA will publish application forms and further details on their website for 2020 applicants in the January.

BSH will make this information available on this page when it is published on the ACCEA website.

The BSH will assess applicants on the five domains detailed in the application.

  • Domain 1 - Delivering a High Quality Service  
  • Domain 2 - Developing a High Quality Service
  • Domain 3 - Leadership and Managing a High Quality Service
  • Domain 4 - Research and Innovation
  • Domain 5 - Teaching and Training

Applicants must identify an individual who will write a citation on their behalf to support the ACCEA application. The citation form can be downloaded from the ACCEA website. The citation should be used to emphasise and highlight particular points and should not be a repetition of other parts of the form. You should make sure that your citation writer has seen a copy of your application form

The completed application form and copy of the citation must be supplied to BSH by the BSH application deadline of 9:00 AM, Monday 2 March 2020. This should be sent to

The BSH will not consider any applications after the deadline or any application that does not have a citation attached.


The Panel will be chaired by the BSH secretary and will have between 6-12 members including a lay member. These individuals must be BSH Consultant members. They should be drawn from across England and Wales, representing different disciplines, hospital types etc. BSH panel members will be sent copies of applications to mark at least 2 weeks before the panel is due to convene. The score sheets must be returned at least 24 hours before the panel is due to convene.

The BSH uses an identical marking scale to the ACCEA panel – you can ONLY award 0, 2, 6 or 10 marks in each category. If marks are awarded that do not comply they will be marked down to the nearest number i.e. if 7 or 9 is awarded this will be changed to 6.

  • 0 (Does not meet contractual requirements or when insufficient information has been produced to make a judgement)
  • 2 (Meets contractual requirements) Performance in some aspects of the role could be assessed as ‘over and above’ expected standards. But generally, on the evidence provided, contractual obligations are fulfilled to competent standards and no more.
  • 6 (Over and above contractual requirements) Some duties are performed in line with the criteria for ‘Excellent’, as below. However, on the evidence provided, most are delivered above contractual requirements, without being in the highest category.
  • 10 (Excellent) As well as demonstrating excellent outcome measures where these are available applicants could show evidence of performance over and above the standard.

Panel members will receive an Excel spreadsheet with the candidates names. They will score each domain according to the above criteria and mark on the spreadsheet in the relevant column. Each applicant’s scores for each domain will be averaged and then totalled and applicants ranked. The updated spreadsheet will be distributed to the panel members before the teleconference and will indicate who would be nominated based on score i.e. the top 8 scores for bronze, top 3 for silver and the highest score for gold. If there are individuals who tie for the final nomination place or close to the cut off these will be discussed taking into account work for BSH, citations and panel members discussion.

 If you are interested in becoming a BSH ACCEA panel member please email for further details

Conflict of interest

  • Applicants for an ACCEA award for this year may not be a BSH panel member
  • In the following situations Panel members should not score an individuals application and leave blanks 
    1. An individual who works for the same institution
    2. Close collaborator e.g. joint grant holder
    3. Personal friend, family member or other significant relationship