02 March 2020

The scientific director of charity Anthony Nolan is to be presented with a lifetime achievement award, in recognition of his work in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), it has been announced.

Professor Alejandro Madrigal has been conferred with Honorary Membership of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT), which will be presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of EBMT in Madrid in April.

Henny Braund, Anthony Nolan’s chief executive, paid tribute to Prof Madrigal, saying: “A big reason why Anthony Nolan is able to play such a vital role in research has been the work of Professor Madrigal. This distinction has been granted in the past to only a small number of highly regarded individuals and we are incredibly proud that his contributions have been recognised in this way. Anthony Nolan and the patients that have benefitted from his work will be forever grateful.”

Professor Madrigal joined Anthony Nolan in 1993 as the first scientific director of the charity, with the mission to establish the Anthony Nolan Research Institute, which was opened in 1996.

Since then, the Institute has developed into a world-renowned academic centre of excellence and the team has made significant progress in improving donor matching, understanding the immunogenetic factors that impact on HSCT and developing methods to combat the main problems post-transplant, such as relapse, graft versus host disease, and infection.

Professor Madrigal said: “I am very honoured indeed to receive this award and feel I am also receiving this on behalf of Anthony Nolan, as since its foundation in 1974, the Society has made major contributions to improving the outcome of HSCT worldwide and Anthony Nolan, as a pioneering Registry, has played a major role in contributing to saving the lives of many patients.”

Professor Madrigal, who is professor of haematology and country ambassador for Mexico at University College London, is to retire from his post at Anthony Nolan.

In recognition of his work, there will be a symposium later this month (20th March 2020) at the Royal College Physicians in London. The meeting will celebrate the contributions by the Anthony Nolan Research Institute to HSCT over 27 years and evaluate the current status of innovative cell therapies.

Source: Anthony Nolan


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