31 July 2017

The Royal College of Physician’s (RCP) Medical Care has been published today. Medical Care is a web based planning resource produced by RCP in partnership with UK’s medical specialty societies. The updated version includes further information on workforce and medical specialty specific job planning and additional content on diabetes and endocrinology services.

Medical Care is a valuable resource for clinicians and managers working in the NHS. The resource provides support for:

  • Designing services – this includes a short description of the specialty and the patient population, and a summary of the workforce needs to support service provision
  • Developing physicians – which includes information on the education, training and continuing professional development, workforce and job planning for physicians
  • Improving quality and medical leadership – By exploring the latest ideas on how to develop physicians and teams.

The resource can be found at www.rcpmedicalcare.org.uk. For queries please contact medicalcare@rcplondon.ac.uk