15 January 2018

Academics and clinicians are to work closely together on haematology research in a 'virtual centre' in Oxford, it has been announced.

The new Oxford Centre for Haematology will be part of Oxford University’s Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

It will also involve clinicians from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The centre will be led by Professor Paresh Vyas, one of the university’s professors of haematology and a consultant at the NHS trust. It will host an inaugural symposium on March 26th.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “It will actively draw members from beyond the department with the aim of promoting integration between academic and clinical haematology programmes in the university and Oxford University Hospitals and so capitalise on scientific opportunities to transform our understanding of haemopoiesis and blood diseases, and radically improve patient care.

“From the pioneering work on globins led by Professor Sir David Weatherall, Professor John Clegg and Professor Doug Higgs, through to our current position of driving the largest blood cancer clinical trials programme in the UK, Oxford is a powerhouse of haematology research.

“The centre will build on and enhance our understanding of blood cancers, ageing of the haemopoietic system and the links with inflammation and immunity.”


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