13 November 2017

The Foulkes Foundation Medal 2017 is to be awarded to Dr Cristina Lo Celso, of Imperial College London, it has been announced.

The Foulkes Foundation Medal is awarded by The Academy of Medical Sciences to a rising star in biomedical research for making a significant impact on UK bioscience before, or in, their first independent position.

Dr Lo Ceslo's current work utilises advanced microscopy to study how leukaemia develops and relapses, with the aim to translate the findings to clinical application. Her previous research has contributed to the development of pioneering microscopy techniques for the visualisation of blood cells, and to our understanding of how leukaemia cells spread inside bones. The researcher was specifically commended for setting up an interdisciplinary laboratory to focus on integrative and shared global science.

Dr Lo Celso said: "Receiving this prestigious medal is a real honour. For my research to be recognised by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Foulkes Foundation is incredibly inspiring, and will only increase my determination to work towards improving therapies and learn how to prevent disease."

Her PhD supervisor Professor Fiona Watt commented: "I am delighted that Cristina has received the Foulkes Foundation Medal. Her research into the interactions between stem cells and their environment in healthy blood and leukaemia combines cutting edge technology with superb mechanistic studies, providing a critical model for research."

Chair of the Foulkes Foundation, Maureen Foulkes-Hajdu, added: "It could not please me more to present the 2017 Foulkes Foundation Medal to such a revolutionary scientist. Dr Lo Celso has developed impressive techniques within her own field, and beyond, made even more remarkable by her early career stage.

“Her achievements will continue to advance stem cell biology and she will doubtless continue to rise in her field, brightening the future for sufferers of leukaemia.

“I am particularly delighted to welcome the first woman to join our very distinguished cohort of Foulkes Foundation Medal winners over the last ten years."


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