12 October 2020

A single person has made ten donations of antibody-rich plasma to the UK’s convalescent plasma programme for the treatment of COVID-19, it has been revealed.

Stephen Franklin, aged 54 from Birmingham, developed the infection in March after volunteering in a nursery for the children of key workers.

He made his first donation in April and then his tenth at the beginning of this month. Mr Franklin is a former army helicopter operator and a retired firefighter.

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) has previously appealed for more male donors – as men tend to have higher levels of antibodies than women.

NHSBT said it has received 130,000 offers of donation and has taken more than 20,000 donations. So far 500 patients have received transfusions as part of national clinical trials of the procedure.

A spokesperson for NHSBT said: “Stephen is a great example to us all and we thank him for all his donations.

“We urgently need to collect as much convalescent plasma as possible now, to help make sure stocks can be made available if the trials are a success. We especially need male donors like Stephen as they generally have higher antibody levels.”

Source: NHSBT



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