Shaping the future of Thrombosis Care - This unique programme will train you to become a future expert in anticoagulation management. With the knowledge gained, you will be able to deliver state-of-the-art-all round thrombosis expert services in the years ahead.

bDate: Wednesday 20 April - Sunday 6 November 2022
Time: 08:30 - 18:15
Venue: Crowne Plaza Maastricht, The Netherlands

Why this course?
While the quality of antithrombotic medication has markedly increased over past decades, the spectrum of agents and possible combinations becomes overwhelming.

A consequence is that new generations of physicians are faced with an extensive choice of antithrombotic drugs, while traditional agents are also still prescribed. Knowledge of the different drug characteristics now become challenging issues to deal with. At the same time, mistakes in prescription and lack of structured follow up of antithrombotic agents, may have serious consequences. Thus, careful management of these agents is pivotal.


  • Fundamentals of hemostasis and coagulation & laboratory diagnostics
  • Clinical pharmacology of antithrombotic agents & bleeding complications
  • Epidemiology and pathophysiology of atherosclerosis - thraombosis
  • Management of ATE and complications
  • Management of VTE and complications
  • VTE & ATE in specific conditions 

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