The Oxford Haematology in Obstetrics course is a 2-3 day interactive, enjoyable and informative programme providing up-to-date insights from experts in the field. The course is suitable for any health care professional interested in this field. Most commonly, attendees are consultants or registrars in obstetrics, haematology or obstetric anaesthesia, but senior nurses, midwives, scientists and pharmacists have also found it rewarding and we value multidisciplinary attendance.

Date: Monday 19 - Wednesday 21 September 2022
Venue: St Edmunds Hall, Oxford 

Learning Outcomes include:

  • Understand and apply knowledge of general pathology relevant to haematological disorders presenting in pregnancy, specifically: anaemia thrombocytopenia myeloproliferative disorders other bone marrow disorders fetal alloimmune syndromes sickle cell disease venous thrombosis inherited and acquired bleeding disorders antiphospholipid syndrome and thrombophilias
  • Define and apply the communication skills required for information gathering, referrals and management plans, with patients and other professionals
  • Understand and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competence required to form evidence-based diagnostic judgments in pregnant patients presenting with haematological abnormalities 
  • Critically consider the management of iron deficiency, thrombocytopenia, haemoglobinopathies, acute venous thrombosis, thromboprophylaxis, anticoagulation therapy
  • Understand and apply knowledge of physiology of the placenta relevant to haematological disorders
  • Understand the pathophysiology of fetal alloimmune syndromes and the management options and risks for these conditions
  • Consider the issues involved in setting up haemoglobinopathy screening programmes or appropriate anti D prophylaxis programmes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the issues of transfusion of blood and blood products in this group of patients
  • Accurately interpret common haematological investigations of pregnant patients
  • Understand and demonstrate the leadership roles and responsibilities of advanced level practitioners, specifically team-working, ensuring correct delegation and transfer of responsibility for patient care, upholding patient independence and choice and respect for diversity in clinical practice
  • Demonstrate competence in reflective practice and audit and application of evidence based care
  • Recognise potential clinical risk situations and can take appropriate action
  • Critically evaluate the core issues of professional leadership and those involved in establishing a local service for obstetric haematology

For further information and to register your place please email Joyce Dyer

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