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Available exclusively to BSH Members, our early stage research grants provide support at the beginning of your research project. 

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To support:


Consumable expenses for projects which will potentially lead to full grant proposals

Maximum amount:



Application details:


Applications should include all relevant supporting information including a research plan, budget, previous relevant research, short curriculum vitae of the member and a letter of support from the Head of Service/Supervisor

Eligibility criteria:


All members who have been a BSH member for at least one year are entitled to submit an application and will be eligible for a maximum one BSH Early Stage Research start-up grant

Applications are particularly welcome from younger members of the Society to give them the opportunity to follow a research plan leading to a full grant application who have been a member for at least one year



Annual deadline 30th June 

Number of grants available per year:


6 grants are available annually and applications are competitively assessed



Must be supported by Head of Service/Supervisor




We ask all members to send a report on the outcome of the research supported by the BSH Early Stage research Start-up grant within one year of the award, indicating if further funding has been obtained on the basis of the grant




Anything we haven't answered yet?  If you have a query regarding grants, our frequently asked questions may answer your question, alternatively you can contact us at grants@b-s-h.org.uk and we will be happy to help