Overseeing the running of all aspects of the Society’s work, our Trustees are clinical experts with many years' experience of working across all aspects of haematology. They are committed to ensuring that the BSH supports people at all stages of their careers.


  • President
    Professor Charles Craddock CBE
  • Vice-President
    Professor Cheng-Hock Toh
  • Treasurer
    Professor Chris Fegan
  • Scientific Secretary
    Professor Gordon Cook
  • Secretary
    Dr Anne Parker
  • Immediate Past President
    Dr Tim Littlewood

Elected Trustees

  • Dr Nichola Cooper
  • Professor Adele Fielding
  • Professor Claire Harrison
  • Dr Guy Pratt
  • Dr Deepti Radia
  • Professor David Roberts
  • Dr Jim Seale
  • Dr Josh Wright

Lay Trustees

  • Trevor Jones
  • Susannah Randall

Proleptic Officers

  • Dr John Ashcroft
    Proleptic Treasurer