Joining the Society

Why should I join the BSH?

The British Society for Haematology (BSH) has been bringing haematology professionals together since 1960 to transform the care they provide to patients. Using our experience, knowledge and influence, we aim to advance patient care in haematology and support your professional development.

If you are currently training or practising in the field of haematology, you would be joining the UK's largest multi-disciplinary professional network for the speciality with access to many member-only benefits, including educational resources and member-only research and travel grants.

Membership categories and benefits.

Which membership category is right for me?

Our Full membership is typically suitable for those working at a senior level. Although based in the UK, we welcome applications from overseas haematology professionals. Discounted membership is available to those living in low- to middle-income countries (LMIC).

Are you still studying or in a middle band as an Allied Health Professional? Then the Full (reduced) membership is the membership category for you, allowing you to keep up with the latest developments in haematology and receive the British Journal of Haematology (BJHaem).

If you are a student, retiree or early-stage professional and do not require access to the British Journal of Haematology, our Associate membership could suit you. Alternatively, if you desire access to BJHaem, you can join as a Full (reduced) member (dependent on your NHS Band or equivalent).

Do I need someone to support my membership application?

No. As of 2019, membership applications do not require the support of a proposer.

If you are applying for the Reduced or Associate membership, you may need to supply confirmation of your eligibility.

Please see our Membership page for further details.

How can I submit a membership application?

Once you've decided on the category of membership you wish to apply for, go to our membership sign-up form.

Complete the application form. Remember to check all mandatory fields have been completed and press 'Submit'. You should then receive an email confirming we have received your application.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, or if you have further questions regarding your application, please feel free to contact our Membership Team.

I have submitted a membership application. When can I expect to hear the outcome?

We review applications after the 15th of each month, so you should know the outcome of the application within ten working days of the monthly deadline.

If you do not hear the outcome within three weeks of the deadline, contact our Membership Team.

My membership application has been approved. What happens next?

Should your application be approved, you'll receive an email welcoming you to the BSH, providing you with a membership number and details on how to pay for your annual subscription.

Once we receive your payment, we will activate your subscription. You will receive a confirmation email outlining how to access your membership benefits.

Payment and reduced rates

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can choose from the following payment methods:

Direct debit
Most of our members use direct debit because of its ease and simplicity.

If you have a UK bank account, complete an instruction form using your membership number as the unique reference.

Credit/debit card
To make a payment by credit or debit card, use the secure payment link sent with your subscription renewal email and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you require a new payment link, email our Membership Team, and they will be happy to help.

Bank transfer
To make a payment by bank transfer, contact our Membership Team, and we will provide national and international bank details.

If you would like to pay by cheque, please make your cheque payable to the British Society for Haematology and post it to the Membership Team at 100 White Lion Street, London N1 9PF, United Kingdom. Please write your name and postcode on the back of the cheque.

When do I make my next payment?

All renewal subscriptions are due in January regardless of your join and payment date.

Having one renewal date keeps our admin cost low which, in turn, helps us offer the free associate membership and subsidise the membership cost for our trainees.

Members with a join date between January and the end of September

If you join between January and the end of September, you pay the full amount for that year regardless of your join date.

The subscription includes BJHaem for the whole year, including the back issues and archives, which is worth £233.

Your subscription then renews in January.

Members with a join date in October and November

If you join in October or November, you have two options:

a) Pay the full amount for that year and receive BJHaem, including the back issues for that year which is worth £233. Your subscription will renew in January when you need to make your next payment.

b) Opt for three months of free membership without receiving BJHaem, and then your first payment will be in January, and your access to BJHaem will start then.

Members with a join date in December

If you join in December, you get one month of free membership and no access to BJHaem. You then make your first payment in January, and your access to BJHaem starts.

How do I get a subscription payment receipt for tax purposes?

Please email our Membership Team to request a tax receipt, and we will happily oblige.

You should receive it within two working days of your request.

Do you offer a reduced rate for parental leave?

We offer members a discounted rate for one year's subscription. We apply this reduction to your next subscription payment, e.g., if you inform us you will be taking parental leave in July 2019, the discount will apply to your 2020 membership.

Please note the following limitations:

  • This reduction cannot be applied retrospectively; we ask that you inform us before or during your parental leave.
  • This reduction cannot be combined with other membership discounts, such as the BSH-EHA Joint Membership.
  • We may ask you to provide documentation verifying your leave dates.
  • This reduction is only available to those taking at least six months of parental leave.

Contact our Membership Team for more information.

Do you offer a reduced rate for retired members?

Yes, we offer an Associate membership for longstanding members who have fully retired from paid employment.

Associate membership is free from subscription fees, and Senior Members receive all of the Society mailings, except for BJHaem. They also have access to most of the Full Membership benefits. See our Membership page for more details.

If you are a current member, you can apply for Associate Membership by contacting our Membership Team, and they will be happy to help.

New members can apply directly for Associate Membership.

Do you offer a reduced rate for financial hardship?

We are committed to supporting our members through both the good times and the bad, so all members can apply for special consideration if they are unable to pay their membership dues.

To apply for consideration, please email [email protected] with a brief (less than 200 words) summary of your situation and copies of any relevant supporting documentation (optional). We will review your documentation only to confirm the details of your statement, and then we will permanently erase it from our systems.

Our Chief Executive or Head of Communications and Membership will consider your case. You can expect to hear the outcome within three weeks of application.

Please note that this reduction cannot be combined with other membership discounts, such as the BSH-EHA Joint Membership.

BSH-EHA Joint Membership

How does the Joint Membership work?

We collect the funds for the Joint Membership and provide critical information to the European Hematology Association (EHA) about your subscription (confirmation of payment, application and termination).

Additionally, we provide EHA with the contact details for members new to EHA to facilitate the activation of the EHA Full Membership.

EHA manage all benefits associated with the EHA side of the membership. You can contact their membership team at [email protected].

This framework has the dual benefits of simplicity and value. You only pay one payment for two memberships, and that payment is cheaper than the price of paying two separate memberships!

Am I eligible to apply?

All Full BSH members between 37 and 64 years of age are eligible to apply for Joint Membership.

If you are under 37, over 64 or a health care affiliated professional, you may be eligible for a discounted EHA membership. Please note that these discounted EHA memberships are not included with the Joint Membership.

How do I apply?

If you are already a BSH member, email us at [email protected] for more details.

If you are not yet a BSH member and are eligible, you can indicate your interest on the first page of the membership application form.

Do I need two membership numbers?

Yes. You will receive the benefits of Full Membership of each organisation and, as a result, require a membership number with both organisations.

You can view your BSH Member number in MyBSH. Email [email protected] for your EHA member number.

Do I have to update my details with both organisations?

Yes. As part of our commitment to minimising data-sharing, we only share integral data with EHA.

You can update your details in MyBSH and on the EHAweb.

Can I become a joint member if I have already renewed my EHA membership?

Due to the nature of EHA's systems, we are unable to set up joint memberships for those who have already renewed their EHA membership for the year.

You will be able to join in the following subscription year. If you notify us of your interest, we can ensure you are alerted when this becomes available.

Updating your details and preferences

How do I update my contact details?

Log in to MyBSH and edit your personal, professional, email and/or postal details as appropriate.

Once the form has been submitted, we will update your membership records accordingly, notifying our publishers if you receive a print subscription to BJHaem. We will confirm by email that the change has been implemented.

Please note that the update can take a little while to cascade through our distributor's system. You may receive a few more issues of BJHaem at your old address.

Can I suspend my print BJHaem deliveries and access it online only?

If you do not wish to receive print copies of the Journal, please inform our Membership Team, and we will ensure your delivery of the hardcopy Journal is paused.

Please note that it can take a little while for the change to cascade through our distributor's system, so you may receive one or two more issues after notifying our team.

You may un-pause your print subscription at any time by notifying the Membership Team and confirming your updated delivery details.

Why can't I access my web account?

If you have forgotten your login, you can reset your password.

If you still cannot access your account, it may have become locked for security purposes. For example, it will lock to ensure the safety of your information after too many incorrect login attempts.

To unlock your account, you can either reset your password, email our Membership Team or call us on
020 4551 4515.

Why aren't I receiving the forgotten password email?

Some mail programs have filtering systems that block emails before they even reach your junk or spam mail folders.

If you have triggered the password reset email, but it has not reached you, we recommend you white-list our email address, [email protected]. It will tell your email client that emails from us are safe and should stop it from automatically blocking our emails in future.

If you're unsure how to white-list a contact, see these instructions for various email clients.

If you continue to experience difficulties, contact us at [email protected], and we will try to assist.

Cancelling your membership

How can I cancel my membership?

Should you decide you no longer wish to remain a member of the BSH, please send an email confirming you would like to cancel your membership to [email protected].

Can I get a refund when I cancel my membership?

Please note that the following does not apply to the joint BSH-EHA membership.

For new members: we can provide a full refund if you cancel within seven working days of your subscription payment.

Please see information below if you wish to cancel more than seven days after your first payment or if you are a renewing member.

If you make your cancellation request before 30 April: we can offer you a 50% refund of your subscription.

If you make your cancellation request after 30 April: we cannot offer a refund.

Refunds will usually be returned to the account from which your payment originally came. In some instances we may require further details to ensure the funds reach you successfully.

How do I rejoin the Society?

If your membership was cancelled within the last 12 months, you only need to email us at
[email protected], pay any outstanding dues, and we will reactivate your membership.

If your membership was cancelled more than 12 months ago, you must re-apply for membership. If your application is successful, you will retain the same membership number as previous.

If you have any further queries regarding membership, you can contact us using the form below, or by email at
[email protected] or phone at 020 4551 4515.

Submit your question and our team will respond soon.