The BSH Guidelines are organised by four clinical areas, each with its own guiding Task Force.

Overseeing the work of each Task Force is the Guidelines Executive Committee.

Guidelines Executive Committee

The Guidelines Executive Committee consists of the Chairs of each of the BSH Guidelines Task Forces. The committee oversees the development and production of each BSH Guideline.

  • Dr Mamta Garg (Chair)
  • Dr Edwin Massey (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Will Lester (Chair, Haemostasis and Thrombosis Task Force)
  • Dr Nilima Parry-Jones (Chair, Haemato-Oncology Task Force)
  • Dr Jonathan Paul Kerr (Chair, Transfusion Task Force)
  • Dr Sara Stuart-Smith (Chair, General Haematology Task Force)
  • Dr Subarna Chakravorty (BSH Elected Board Trustee)
  • Dr Shankaranarayana Paneesha (BSH Elected Board Trustee)