The Committee maintains an overview of the Society's nominations, governance and awards. In addition the Committee gives advice on BSH membership, oversees elections to the Board and any other elected offices, approves committee chairmanship and membership and other posts within BSH and external posts where a BSH representative is requested by another organisation. 

  • Dr Jim Seale (Chair)
  • Dr Alison McCaig 
  • Dr Laith Tafesh
  • Dr Raymond Dang 

The BSH Nominations and Governance Committee has four vacancies for members interested in ensuring not only that potential future board members are being identified and developed, but also that there is adequate ‘bench strength’ in management to run key parts of the company in accordance with appropriate corporate governance standards.

We would particularly like to encourage a diverse range of applications: e.g. from younger members; from members who are not medics and from different ethnic backgrounds.

Please email the CEO, Katy Amberley,  a brief statement outlining your interest and what you could bring to the committee to: