The BSH Scientific and Publications Committee works to enhance and promote science in haematology.

The committee also supervises the BSH grant programme.

  • Professor Guy Pratt (Chair)
  • Dr Susanna Akiki
  • Dr Sharon Barrans
  • Professor John Barrett
  • Professor Gordon Cook
  • Professor Adele Fielding
  • Professor Claire Harrison
  • Dr Phillip Nicolson

Vice-Chair Vacancy

The BSH Scientific and Publications Committee has one vacancy for the position of Vice-Chair.The Committee works to enable translational research development in all areas of haematology, and is responsible for establishing appropriate governance and procedures for managing the BSH grant programme, including grant calls and the review, awarding and tracking of grant applications.

In recent years the Committee has restructured the grant programme to target those who most need the support, overseen the allocation of hundreds of scholarships and launched numerous new grant types (including the Cohort Study Grant). Future focuses include funding for genomics education, promoting the research of grant recipients and developing relationships with external bodies.

All those involved in research are encouraged to apply, whether they have a clinical, scientific or allied health background.

Interested applicants should complete the application form below . Deadline 21 May 2021

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