How can I make a BSH grant application?

Each grant page will include a link to the application form for that grant type, usually under the heading "How to Apply".

Please note that for members' only grants you will need to be logged in for the application form to appear.

Complete the application form, remembering to attach any supporting documentation for your application, and press ‘submit’. You will then receive an email confirming that your application has been received.

If you have any further questions regarding your application, please feel free to contact the Grants Team at

When can I expect to hear the outcome of my application?

Applications for grants are sent to the Scientific and Publications Committee for their review and decision. Early Stage Research start-up grants are externally reviewed by an independent expert.

All grants and scholarships vary in the time taken for review depending on their complexity.  The table below provides an approximate guide to the time from the point of submission, or deadline if the grant you are applying for has one, to being notified of the outcome.





Travel Scholarship


Visiting Fellow

12-16 WEEKS

Student Elective Scholarships


Early Stage Research start-up grants

16-20 WEEKS

Meeting Support


Please note that these turnaround times are estimates. Our grant reviewers are volunteers and this occasionally can mean that the review process experiences delays.

When can I expect payment once my application has been approved?

Once the correct bank account details and any relevant documentation has been provided, payment will be processed and the funds paid into your nominated account within six weeks for UK bank accounts and within eight weeks for international payments.

Please note, you will be contacted regarding your bank account details after you have been notified of the success of your application.

For Student Electives, Annual Scientific Meeting Scholarships and Travel Scholarships, funding will be paid into your personal bank account.

Funding for a Meeting Support, Visiting Fellow or an Early Stage Research start-up grant will need to be paid into your institution's bank account not a personal bank account, so we will require the institution's bank account details.

Do I need to provide a report after I have attended my conference/workshop?

Yes, all grants and scholarships require you to provide a post-meeting report:

  • Travel Scholarships and Student Elective Scholarships require a report within 8 weeks of completion of the meeting/elective.
  • Early Stage Research start-up grants require a report within one year of the award and Visiting Fellow scholarships require a report upon completion of the fellowship.
  • Please send your report to upon completion
Is there a set format for my post conference/workshop report?

We provide templates for all of our grant reports:

Travel Scholarship, Student Elective and Meeting Support

Visiting Fellow and Early Stage Research Start Up Grant

We also ask that Visiting Fellow and Early Stage Research grant recipients provide a detailed account of spending in either Word or Excel form.

I received a grant previously - when can I next apply for the same grant?

Some of our grants have restrictions on how frequently they can be received.

Travel Scholarships (Travel, Student Electives and ASM )

From 2020 individuals can apply for up to £1,000 through these grant categories over a three-year period.

This could be comprised of one claim of £1,000 or multiple claims that add up to £1,000 (e.g. £400 for a 2020 ASM Scholarship and £600 for a 2021 Travel Scholarship). This ensures that those requesting small amounts have access to the same funding pool as those claiming the maximum amounts.

If you are uncertain how much funding you have received in the last three calendar years, please contact us at

Early Stage Research, Visiting Fellow

Members will only be eligible for a maximum of one Early Stage Research Grant and one Visiting Fellow Scholarship.

Meeting Support

There is no restriction on how often you can apply for a Meeting Support grant. However, preference will generally be given to those who have not previously received funding.

What should I do if I have any queries about a grant or my application?

If you have any queries regarding any of the grants and scholarships available, or about an application that has already been submitted, please send an email to

Alternatively, you can telephone +44(0)207 713 2095 and speak with the Grants Team, who will be happy to help.

Submit your question and our team will respond soon.