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If you are training or practising in the field of haematology we invite you to join the UK’s largest professional network for the specialty. We are a multidisciplinary society and we welcome membership applications from nurses, biomedical and clinical scientists, pharmacists and allied health professionals as well as medics.

With over 50 years’ experience we aim to utilise science and experience to shape professional development and patient care in haematology.

Reasons to join the BSH

  • Exclusive, monthly membership updates to help keep you up to date with advances in Haematology
  • Access to exclusive members-only research and travel grants
  • Discounted registration for our annual conference 
  • Access to the British Journal of Haematology (print and online) 24 issues a year - cost to non members £223
  • Apply to join one of the BSH Guideline Sounding Boards to help to develop clinical guidelines
  • Access to educational videos including footage of Pitfalls and key sessions at our ASM
  • Opportunities to expand your knowledge, work on interesting projects and make a difference by volunteering on BSH Committees

If you are a UK tax payer our membership subscriptions are tax deductible so you could claim at least 22% of your subscription back.

To become a member, simply fill in our online application form. You will need to be supported by an existing member of the BSH (if you do not know a BSH member please email for advice), unless you are applying for Developing World membership. In this case, a CV is required instead of a proposer.   

Membership applications are reviewed on the 15th of every month by the BSH Board of Trustees.

We will notify you within four weeks of the deadline of the success of your application.

Please allow sufficient time before the deadline for your sponsor to verify their support. If their support is not received before the deadline, your application may be delayed to a following month.

Join the British Society for Haematology today!


Levels of membership

Browse our membership options below to find the one that suits you:

Full membership  £140 per year

Join as a full member to receive all the benefits as listed above, including access to our renowned journal, the British Journal of Haematology. Although open to all, our full members are typically consultants, biomedical scientists and clinical scientists working in the UK.

Trainee £70 per year

Still studying? Keep up with all the latest developments in haematology and use our online tools to record your progress. Trainees receive all the same benefits as full members but at half the price.

Note: Trainees must provide proof of course acceptance and will automatically be transferred to full membership upon completion of study.

Associate £70 per year

Our associate members receive the benefits listed above, but do not have voting rights or access to the print or online versions of the British Journal of Haematology.

Developing World  £70 per year

We understand that for those living in Africa and Asia, the price of full membership may not be as easy to come by. We offer a reduced fee to those residing in countries within Africa and Asia, and membership includes full access to our journal, the British Journal of Haematology.

Developing World membership is an option not a restriction, so should you wish to purchase full membership you may.

Note: A short (<5 pages), up-to-date CV should be provided in Word or PDF as supporting evidence for this category of membership.

Biomedical Scientists, Nurses and Pharmacists £30 per year

If you are a Biomedical Scientist, Nurse or Pharmacist Member you will receive the benefits listed above, but without access to the print or online versions of the British Journal of Haematology.

Senior - free

Senior membership is our way of saying thank you to our longstanding pre-existing members when they retire. To take advantage of this please contact our Membership Team on 020 7713 2095 or

Subscriptions are payable in advance, and run annually from 1 January to 31 December. All members receive their annual renewal notice by email or mail late November/early December.

Any questions?

Please give us a call on 020 7713 2095 or email
We look forward to welcoming you as a member soon.