20 May 2024

As this inquiry finally comes to a conclusion, we first and foremost acknowledge the harm done to so many people over such a long time, and offer our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by these terrible events. The BSH, on behalf of its members and their patients, urges that all Sir Brian Langstaff’s recommendations on compensation are implemented, without further delay. 

As the organisation responsible for promoting excellence in haematology for the benefit of professionals and the wider public, the BSH believes there is much we and our members can learn from the complex background to this inquiry and the tragic series of events that occurred, over decades. We will work with others and act on the final findings and recommendations to try to ensure this never happens again. Our members' first priority is patient care and at the BSH, we will always support our members to raise standards in clinical and patient care as haematology and medicine develop.” 

BSH members who would like further information about the inquiry and support with answering any questions or concerns may find the following resources helpful:

Any of our members looking for support as a result of the inquiry can also contact Theresa Crossley, BSH Head of Engagement, on [email protected]