In 2016, representatives from the British Society for Haematology (BSH) and haematologists from low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) met to decide the priorities of the Global Haematology Special Interest Group (SIG).

One priority was identifying BSH speakers to visit LMIC haematology meetings to establish links and collaborative projects.

We built on the success of the 2017 pilot project to establish the Plenary Speaker Project as a core activity of the SIG. In 2023, we rebranded the scheme as BSH Global Speakers to better communicate our vision for the project,

BSH Global Speakers scheme society applications - deadline 26 July 2024

The BSH Global Speakers scheme aims to form international partnerships with haematology societies in LMICs to share knowledge and expertise.

We have previously funded UK-based speakers selected by BSH to travel to face-to-face meetings, financially supporting economy return international flights, accommodation, visas and subsistence for speakers. We have also provided speakers for virtual meetings.

Several long-term collaborations have resulted from previous speakers’ visits. Society applicants are encouraged to use this initiative to collaborate on eg. co-authored evidence-based guidelines or research to improve evidence and treatment in your setting.

If your society is planning a conference or meeting from February 2025 onwards, we welcome applications for a speaker. Please apply using this form and return it to [email protected]. Applications will be reviewed by a panel and applicants notified of the outcome by the end of August 2024. You should also use this address if you have any questions about the application process.

Deadline: Friday 26 July 2024.

Please note that applications received after this deadline will not be reviewed until February 2025.


About the programme

Making links, creating networks

The initial phases of this programme involved mapping out and making contacts with active haematology and transfusion societies in LMICs worldwide.

We searched for active haematology societies in LMICs in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We contacted attendees from LMICs at the 2016 BSH international congress, and we asked respondents about active haematology societies in their region. We conducted internet searches and contacted haematologists and transfusion specialists in large teaching hospitals in LMICs.

We shortlisted LMIC haematology societies for our 2017 pilot scheme based on pre-defined criteria. We invited the Ghanaian Society of Haematology (GHASH) and the Haematology and Oncology Society of Africa (HOSA) to take part.

Previous attendees:

2017: Dr Hume Ahmad - Accra, Ghana - Challenging diagnostic cases in anaemia.

Dr Ahmad - Tutorial with haematology residents - 1 December 2017     Dr Ahmad with GHASH delegates

2017: Dr Maadh Aldouri - Nairobi, Kenya - Treating lymphoma in low resource settings.

Dr Aldouri with trainees in Kenya    Dr Aldouri Hosa

2018: Dr Noemi Roy - Cairo, Egypt - Dyserythropoesis and the use of NGS in rare anaemias.

2019: Dr Anita Hill - Colombo, Sri Lanka - Update in PNH.

2019: Dr Ben Kennedy - Bangkok, Thailand - Update in CLL.

2021: Dr Jecko Thachil - South Africa - Coagulopathy and COVID-19.

2021: Dr Nandini Sadasivam - Vietnam - Update in care for patients with thalassaemia.

2022: Dr Richard Dillon - Egypt - Molecularly guided interventions to prevent relapse in AML.

2022: Dr Keith Gomez - Ghana - Anticoagulation: challenging cases.

2023: Dr Bill Grey - Thailand - Targeting protein homeostasis to eradicate acute myeloid leukaemia stem cells and protect health issues.

2023: Miss Lucy Wheeler - Egypt - MRD in acute leukaemia: a 'different from normal' approach.