The Paediatric Haematology Trainee Network (PHTN) was formed as a subgroup of the Paediatric Special Interest Group (SIG). The PHTN acts as a trainee body that helps to connect all paediatric haematology trainees in all four nations.

We also want to provide a forum for all doctors in post-graduate training or any other non-consultant doctors with an interest in paediatric haematology, regardless of their career path or grade.

The PHTN also endeavours to address various areas that could improve the training and working experience of paediatric haematology trainees in the UK. Any junior doctor with an interest in paediatric haematology is welcome to join the PHTN.

Chair: Dr Srdan Rogosic 

Join the Paediatric SIG or PHTN for regular updates on what's happening within our community.
The SIG and PHTN welcome both BSH members and non-members and are free to join.
Please note you will need to log in or create a website account to join a SIG or the PHTN.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 020 7713 0990.

Paediatric SIG/PHTN sessions

The Paediatric SIG and the PHTN run a programme of bi-monthly one-hour sessions covering different paediatric haematology topics.

View our upcoming events.

PHTN workgroups

The PHTN has five workgroups aiming to improve paediatric haematology learning and promote all aspects of paediatric haematology. These workgroups are for any PHTN member to join and contribute as much or as little as they can.  

Educational Workgroup

The Educational Workgroup aims to coordinate and create educational activities.

They have started, along with the Paediatric SIG, a bi-monthly virtual teaching programme to cover topics from the paediatric haematology syllabus.

To help us run existing or develop new educational opportunities, join us by getting in touch via email at [email protected].

Lead: Dr Nkem Jacob

Training Workgroup

The Training Workgroup aims to advance paediatric haematology training in the UK by providing representation in national committees and workgroups regarding paediatric haematology.

It aims to address any trainee issues and support trainees to achieve equal training opportunities across the UK.

To join this group, please get in touch via email at [email protected].

Lead: Dr Eleni Louka

Peer Support Workgroup

Our Peer Support Workgroup aims to provide guidance and assistance to paediatric haematology trainees or colleagues wishing to pursue a career in paediatric haematology.

Its goals are to start a mentoring scheme in conjunction with the BSH Early Career Forum’s framework and offer support to existing and prospective trainees.

To join this group, please get in touch via email at [email protected].

Lead: Dr Cecilia Ng

FRCPath Support Workgroup

The aim of the FRCPath support group is to help paediatric haematology trainees with their preparation for the FRCPath exams. 

FRCPath Part 2 includes an option for a paediatric haematology viva, the groups current focus is on preparation for this paediatric vivia. 

Please get in touch whether you would like to help us deliver FRCPath support or if you would like to receive support for your exams. 

To join this group, please get in touch via email at [email protected].

Lead: Dr Rebecca Ling


Research and Audit Workgroup

The Research and Audit Workgroup was formed within the PHTN to help its members explore and develop research interest.

It aims to support trainees pursuing research by gaining higher degrees by connecting them with the right groups and projects.

The workgroup also aims to deliver its own project. The first project will be a multicentric study on the real-world usage of DOACs in paediatrics.

If you would like to get involved with our projects or need information on how to pursue research in paediatric haematology, please get in touch via email at [email protected].

Lead: Dr Menie Rompola