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Annual Scientific Meeting 2018 - Speaker Videos

We caught up with a range of speakers at the Annual Scientific Meeting who gave us an overview of their work in haematology as well as what they were aiming to get out of the meeting.


Previous BSH President Professor Charles Craddock on the role of the BSH and how we support the haematology community in the UK, as well as the society's ambitions for the future.


Professor David Marks gave us an overview of the IMPACT clinical trials platform, it's key achievements in the first 15 months, as well as what he hopes it will achieve in the future. 

 Dr Sonia Wolf on her inaugural Crucible Prize winning presentation - 'Young, Black & Stigmatised', how haematologists do most harm to patients.


Kenneth Ataga from the University of North Carolina on the therapeutic advances made in treating sickle cell disease, the barriers to access these treatments and the resources available to support doctors in treating patients with the disease.

 Dr Pip Nicolson on the haemSTAR programme, what it has achieved so far and how you can be a part of the programme too.

Professor Dame Caroline Watkins on the importance of empowering nurses in haematology, the impact nurses can have in practice, policy and research and the benefits of nurses attending the BSH conference.

Professor Bob Lowenburg gives an overview of the current treatment landscape in AML, and what can be done to improve patient outcomes.

Jonjo Rooney shares his story of his battle with Leukaemia, his treatment and how haematology specialists saved his life. Jonjo speaks about the human side of patient care, and how this is so important when dealing with patients.

Professor Peter Borchmann ahead of the 'Lymphoma Debate' session where he gave an overview on his stance whether CAR-T cell therapy will become the standard of care for relapsed high grade B cell lymphoma within 5 years.

Dr Michiel Coppens on the optimal management of patients who develop bleeding disorders.

Professor Willem Ouwehand on the impact of genome science and how this affects all areas of haematology, including his area of specialism in inherited rare diseases.

 Dr Sue Pavord on her ASM session on the study of pregnant women who have haematological disorders.

 Professor Beverley Hunt gives an overview of her Clinical Vignette session on red cells at the ASM.

Professor Peter Hillmen goes into detail on his work on CLL trials.

Dr Patrick Carrington on the Annual Scientific Meeting, and how it has changed over the last few years and why it is an essential event for the haematology community.

Dr Mari Thomas on the advances in our understanding of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), prognosis and improving patient outcomes.

Professor David Bowen on the Cancer Registry, and how the haematology community can engage with it to improve the data that it holds.

 Professor Simon Rule gives us an overview of his ASM presentation on the pooled analysis and longer term follow up of Ibrutinib in mantle cell lymphoma, as well as why meetings like the ASM are so important.

Professor Anna Schuh on reviewing new evidence in how to treat CLL with targeted agents.

Professor Claire Harrison on the importance of individualised care to patients with chronic myeloid disorders. 

Annual Scientific Meeting 2018 - Vox Pops

We spoke with a range of delegates who told us about their ASM experience, what sessions they enjoyed most and why the conference is a must attend event for all haematology professionals.

Dr Sheila O'Connor

Thomas Ward

Dr Anita Hill

Andrea Hodgkinson

Dr Norah Akinola

Dr Duncan Brian

Dr Rachel Brown

Rukhsaar Ali

Dr Stephen Hibbs

Dr Natasha Ali

Harry Alcock

Dr Gill Lowe

Dr Laura Green

Molly Bradbury

Dr Samuel Durogbola 

Dr Sara Ghorashian

Dr Andrew Doyle

Michael Moles