Our Early-Stage Research (ESR) grants provide support to you at the beginning of your research project for one year. This grant can help fund consumables.

You are responsible for complying with the highest standards of integrity in your research. If your research supported by our grant becomes subject to an investigation of scientific misconduct, you must inform us immediately, and we may then suspend funding. If academic fraud is found in the publication of your research supported by us, you must ensure that appropriate errata or restrictions are published.

You are fully responsible for the management, conduct and control of all research work funded by the grant. We are not liable, except for death or personal injury arising from our negligence or our fraud, to any third party for any matter arising in connection with the work funded by our grant and the publication of the results thereof.

You will acknowledge our support in any publications or grant applications made on the basis of research funded by this grant.

We encourage the promotion of our organisation but you must obtain our explicit written consent each time you wish to make any statements about, or references in any documents or other medium to, our grant support or our organisation, or use our name and logo.

You will supply a report to us after completing your project describing your research and providing a detailed breakdown of how the funding was spent. If any funding is unspent, we may request that these funds be returned. We may request to review some receipts or confirmation of payment as part of our financial due diligence.

Any and all research must be undertaken at a UK institution.

Your photo and a copy of your report may be published in our communications materials, including our website and social media platforms. We will proofread and make any minor grammar or spelling corrections as required. We will contact you for approval if edits beyond minor corrections are required. You may request we do not publish confidential information or withdraw your consent for publication at any time.

Where our grant funds the employment of staff by you, you shall be the employer, shall issue a contract of employment which shall comply with all legal requirements, and you shall be responsible as employer for all claims arising from such employment. We shall not be responsible for or indemnify you against any such claims.

Funding will not be disbursed to any personal bank accounts. Only institutional bank accounts will be used, and your institution will ringfence the funds for exclusive use in the named project.

You are responsible for ensuring the information you supply as part of your application is correct and up-to-date. Should you provide fraudulent information, your application may be invalidated, and we may require that you return your funding.

You may be asked to present your work at BSH meetings, such as the Annual Scientific Meeting, to promote your research and the BSH grant programme.