To provide healthcare professionals with clear guidance on situations when the use of irradiated blood components is indicated. The term ‘blood component’ means the therapeutic constituents of human blood (red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma) that can be prepared by various methods (JPAC‐book/definitions). The multidisciplinary writing group developed evidence‐based clarification and practical guidance in clinical areas of ambiguity. Publications relating to patients of all age groups have been assessed. The guidance may not be appropriate in all patient situations and assessment of individual circumstances with the appropriate risk assessments and patient involvement may lead to alternative decisions.

[Following technical errors at the editorial office and publisher’s office, this Guideline has been updated on 8 October 2020 after its first online publication. If you downloaded a version of this Guideline before this date, we ask you to refer to this updated version]
Dr Paula Bolton Maggs Audio Commentary - Length: 13:00

Declaration of Interests

The BSH paid the expenses incurred during the writing of this guidance. None of the authors had conflicts of interest to declare. All authors have made a declaration of interests to the BSH and Task Force Chairs which may be viewed on request.