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BSH committee vacancies

Volunteers play a crucial role in helping to deliver the Society's charitable objectives. We have a wide range of opportunities for those who wish to get involved in BSH's activities.

Video: Volunteer with BSH
BSH committee members and Trustees talk about the benefits of volunteering on one of our committees.

The benefits of volunteering include

  • Helping us to fulfil our mission of transforming patient care through excellence in haematology 
  • Getting involved with interesting projects
  • Meeting and networking with peers
  • Using your knowledge to help others
  • Learning new skills

Please be aware that Committee vacancies are only open to BSH members.

BSH Haemostasis and Thrombosis Task Force call for Clinical Members deadline 28th February

The Haemostasis and Thrombosis Task Force is seeking to recruit 1 new clinical member. We are particularly looking for applications from individuals working in District General Hospitals. This task force is primarily responsible for guidelines and setting of standards relating to haemostasis and thrombosis. It is composed of:

  • Chair (elected from the ordinary members)
  • Deputy chair (elected from the ordinary members)
  • 4-6 ordinary members (at least 1 paediatric haematologist)
  • Representative from UKHCDO
  • Representative from NIBSC
  • Representative from UK NEQAS Blood Coagulation

The task force meets 3-4 times a year and meetings are usually held at the BSH offices in London. The membership term for ordinary members is three years renewable once. Task force members are required to complete an annual declaration of interests.

Ordinary members are clinicians or scientists with an active interest in haemostasis. New members are recruited to keep the correct balance of expertise on the task force.

Role of ordinary members of the task force:

  1. Make recommendations for new guidelines
  2. Contribute to the writing of new guidelines and review or update of existing guidelines

Desirable Attributes

  • Consultant haematologist currently holding a substantive post in the UK with a minimum of 3 years’ experience at consultant level
  • Track record of contributing to the writing of guidelines, protocols or setting of standards at a local, national or international level
  • Able to demonstrate a specialist interest in haemostasis and thrombosis

How to Apply

Please provide a short application letter (max 1 page) listing:

  • Date of appointment to consultant grade in the UK
  • Current and previous consultant posts
  • Description of current post indicating how this demonstrates an interest in haemostasis and thrombosis (max 250 words)
  • List of up to 5 publications relating to the field of haemostasis and thrombosis
  • List of up to 5 guidelines or protocols written

Please send your applications to Rita Gupta (Guidelines Programme Manager) by Friday 28 February 2020

Scientific and Publications Committee - deadline 21st February

The BSH Scientific and Publications Committee has one vacancy for the position of Vice-Chair.The Committee works to enable translational research development in all areas of haematology, and is responsible for establishing appropriate governance and procedures for managing the BSH grant programme, including grant calls and the review, awarding and tracking of grant applications.

In recent years the Committee has restructured the grant programme to target those who most need the support, overseen the allocation of hundreds of scholarships and launched numerous new grant types (including the Cohort Study Grant). Future focuses include funding for genomics education, promoting the research of grant recipients and developing relationships with external bodies.

The Vice Chair will remain in post until January 2021, when they will become the Chair of the Committee and remain in post for two years.

All those involved in research are encouraged to apply, whether they have a clinical, scientific or allied health background.

Interested applicants should send a short (<5 pages) CV and a brief statement outlining your interest and what you can bring to the committee to by 21st February.

Finance Audit and Risk Committee

The BSH Finance Audit and Risk Committee has one vacancy a for member looking for a slightly different learning experience and career development. The Committee oversees the annual  financial audit of the BSH as well as the BSHE; its investments, and monitors spending against budgets.  We don’t require specialist knowledge, but we do look for people who will ask questions! We would particularly like to encourage a diverse range of applications: e.g. from younger members; from members who are not medics and from different ethnic backgrounds.

Please email the CEO, katy Amberley, a brief statement outlining your interest and what you could bring to the committee to:

Nominations and Governance Committee

The BSH Nominations and Governance Committee has four vacancies for members interested in ensuring not only that potential future board members are being identified and developed, but also that there is adequate ‘bench strength’ in management to run key parts of the company in accordance with appropriate corporate governance standards.

We would particularly like to encourage a diverse range of applications: e.g. from younger members; from members who are not medics and from different ethnic backgrounds.

Please email the CEO, Katy Amberley,  a brief statement outlining your interest and what you could bring to the committee to:


Paediatric Special Interest Group Committee Officer Vacancy: Deadline February 3rd 2020

Paediatric Special Interest Group Committee Officer Vacancy:

A new committee officer vacancy spot has opened in the Paediatrics SIG team. A research/ academic haematology background is desirable to help support the education officer lead and represent the SIG at research meetings.

To discuss further please email Dr John Grainger If you are interest in applying, please email your cover letter and CVs to Rita Gupta (Guidelines Programme Manager) . Closing date for applications: Friday, Feb 28th 

External opportunities


Percy Oliver Memorial Award - Deadline 24 May 2020

Nominations are now invited for this year’s Percy Oliver Memorial Award. This year’s award category is medical transfusion.

The Oliver Memorial Award is given to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of blood transfusion. You can find more information attached, along with a list of the previous winners.

To nominate someone, please send a citation (maximum 750 words) describing your nominee’s background, achievements and contributions to the field of blood transfusion. The citation should demonstrate the impact that they have made to the field.

The deadline for nominations is 24 May 2020 and details about how to apply can be found on the RCPath's website at: ttps://

Haematology Images for The Royal College of Pathologists Building

The Royal College of Pathologists are looking for some images to help decorate their new building. Images representing haematology and also transfusion medicine/science would be gratefully received.

They are looking for very high quality images that are at least 300 dpi at 2.4 meters actual height. This is because if the images are lower quality than that they will pixelate when blown up to that large scale. Ideally the images should be abstract as this is an art installation rather than a pathology one, something colourful would be great.

If you have a suitable image please contact

Daniel Ross, Chief Executive

The Royal College of Pathologists




Projects, consultations and research

ATTRACT Trial Survey

The Academic Section of Vascular Surgery at Imperial College London are conducting a survey evaluating the impact of the Acute Venous Thrombosis: Thrombus Removal with Adjunctive Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis (ATTRACT) Trial on clinical practice. They would be grateful if you could spare 3 to 5 minutes to share your experience.

Link to the survey: ATTRACT Trial Survey

Please direct any questions or comments regarding the questionnaire to Aleksandra Staniszewska (


ASM Morphology Session - Submit your interesting cases

In preparation for the BSH Annual Scientific Meeting Morphology session we would be grateful if you would submit any interesting cases for possible inclusion. Any interesting general or malignant cases will be considered and slides can be of peripheral blood, BM aspirate, other fluids eg pleural aspirate, CSF, lymph node biopsies or BM trephines etc.

Only ONE slide is required of each specimen (though you may send more than one specimen relevant to the case eg a PB and a BM slide) together with very brief clinical and laboratory details and final diagnosis.

If accepted, we would very much like it if your trainee or yourself could present 3-6 PowerPoint slides about the diagnosis with additional clinical or diagnostic details after the ‘Expert’ has presented their thoughts on the case.

We will let people know if their slides have been accepted and would ask those submitting slides or a representative to be available to talk to the case on the day with 3-4 PowerPoint slides with clinical and diagnostic details.

Please address the slides with brief clinical details to: 

"BSH slides for Roger Owen's attention ASM 2020"

HMDS Laboratory

Level 3

Bexley Wing

St James's University Hospital

Beckett Street



National Cohort Study (UKOSS)- Thrombophilia in Pregnancy

A national study is being run through UKOSS (UK Obstetric Surveillance System) into the management of pregnant women with either antithrombin deficiency or heterozygous protein C deficiency. They hope to be able to collect enough data to make a significant contribution to the guidance on how best to manage this difficult cohort of patients.The background and key points are summarised via the following link

Please do let your local UKOSS rep ( and Dr Rachel Farnell ( know if you have any cases that could be included in this study. Deadline for case submissions is 1st August 2020. 


HaemSTAR Projects




About HaemSTAR

HaemSTAR is a national network of haematology registrars aiming to promote and create research in non-malignant haematology. One of the areas we promote is audit. There is often difficulty in recruiting patients to audits for non-malignant disease, either due to reduced investment into projects relative to malignant haematology audits, or because of the rarity of conditions such as TTP. The aim of HaemSTAR is to use a central committee to either create non-malignant audits, or to promote audits started in trusts around the country to enhance uptake. The committee then disseminate information about these studies to regional leads in each training region. These regional leads then disseminate that information to their registrar colleagues. This allows potentially for every haematology registrar nationally, and subsequently their consultants, to be informed about these projects, hugely increasing potential project recruitment.

We have very positive data from the projects we have completed so far, including an audit of IVIG use in ITP which accrued 975 patients in 39 centres nationally.

The benefits for those who registrars or consultants who contribute is that audit proformas and registration information for audit departments are prepared for them, their data is analysed for them and that they can achieve ‘citable collaborator’ status if they have given sufficient contribution on any papers published from those audits.

Further information can be found on our website; or by contacting This can be useful for consultants in hospitals with no registrar presence so they can receive our monthly Newsletter which explains our current projects.