Thank you for being part of our BSH Guidelines.

 Each BSH guideline follows a standard template which your writing group should use.

BSH Guideline Template 

BSH Good Practice Paper Template 

As a Writing Group or Taskforce Member, please fill in the relevant declaration of interest form below before you begin working on your guideline.

Declaration of Interest for Taskforce and Writing Group Members

If you are a BSH Guidelines Task Force member you must consider whether or not you have any interests that could conflict with your role. Conflicts of interest have to be declared when you are appointed and then every year.

All Writing Group members have to declare conflicts of interest before starting work on a guideline. 

Data Protection Act 1998 – The information submitted will be held by the BSH for personnel or other reasons specified on this form and to comply with the BSH policies. This information may be held in both manual and computer form in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information may be disclosed to third parties in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. For information on how your information is retained and processed, see our Processing Notice.


Personal Details

Declaration of Interests
Personal specific interest if you have worked within the last two years on a project for the healthcare industry and have personally received payment for that work, in any form or any non-financial interest. If the interest is no longer current, you may declare it as a lapsed personal specific interest.

Personal non-specific interest if you have a current personal non- specific interest in the healthcare industry concern which does not relate specifically to the guideline area under consideration.
Non-personal specific interest if you are aware that the department for which you are responsible has in the last 5 years worked in the area of the guideline but you have not personally received payment in any form from the healthcare industry for the work done.
Non-personal, non-specific interest if you are aware that the department for which you are responsible is currently receiving payment from the healthcare industry concerned which does not relate specifically to the product under consideration.
Family interest. In the last 12 months has a member of your family had any financial involvement with the healthcare industry, or are they planning to have such financial involvement? This could include: holding a directorship, or other paid position, or carrying out consultancy, or fee paid work, or having shareholdings or other beneficial interests, or receiving expenses and hospitality over and above what would be reasonably expected to attend meetings and conferences.


If you incur expenses as part of the Guideline writing process, please read our expenses policy (.doc) before completing the expenses claim form (.doc).