24 January 2017

Round opens 28/02/2017

The Society invites applications from members for support for new and renewal of National Awards, i.e. Bronze, Silver or Gold. We cannot support candidates for Platinum awards or local awards for which different systems apply. We can, however, support applicants from outside England where awards are still in operation. We refer members to the guidance available here

The website has produced an FAQ document to make the application process easier which you can find here.

You must apply online via the ACCEA website and if you wish to ask for BSH support, send us a copy of your application. You must apply on the forms found here.  

It is relatively straightforward to copy and paste information from these documents into the online ACCEA system. Please note that these forms are for use by BSH only. The Society will follow a formal procedure as required by the ACCEA, and a Panel that represents the spectrum of specialisms in Haematology will consider applications. The Panel will score applications according to the scheme detailed on the ACCEA website. When you apply you may wish to draw particular attention to work you have done on behalf of the Society.

In order for the Panel to rank and score applications and to prepare citations for those it is supporting, the closing date for applications to BSH will be Tuesday 7 March at 5pm. Please send your application to Liz Taylor at [email protected].