22 December 2017

A new NIHR group has been formed with the aim to support and drive research through promoting and collaborating with clinical trials across the UK.

HaemSTAR (Haematology Specialty Training Audit and Research) is a group of haematology trainees who are passionate about research in non-malignant haematology.  The group, which already has representatives in 12 of the 18 UK NIHR local cancer research networks is currently supporting several non-malignant studies as investigators and collaborators – recruiting patients and raising the profile of studies in non-malignant haematological diseases. 

HaemSTAR collaborator, Dr David Tucker said, "We are already making a real impact – in the FLIGHT study looking at front line treatment of ITP with mycophenolate, HaemSTAR has added 10 extra sites (40% of the total).  We’ve also contributed over 60 patients to the TRAIT study looking at real world use of romiplostim in ITP, that’s 27% of the total.  We are developing a valuable network of registrars and useful Principle Investigator skills as well as making a positive impact on the non-malignant clinical trials portfolio of NIHR.”

For more information, look out for updates on Twitter @HaemSTAR_UK. If you are interested in becoming a HaemSTAR lead, please contact Mike Desborough ([email protected]) or Pip Nicolson ([email protected]).