29 August 2018

I am still able to smile in this fourth month as BSH President. Before you immediately reference this to election news from the Royal College of Physicians London, I can honestly say that the reaction has been more of utter surprise followed by some anxiety at the challenges ahead! A colleague remarked that it would finish off any of my free time but that excuse will not hold at home where I will remain the Houseman!

Once again, it is always cheery to welcome our bright-eyed Foundation Year 1 (F1) doctors onto our wards. Like every other specialty, we wish to nurture the very best into ours. One thing that BSH can and must do is to provide F1 and 2 doctors with Haematology factsheets and sign-posting them to BSH resources. I will also continue to say to junior doctors that “Haematology is central to the practice of Medicine”.

Another cause to smile with pleasure is news that the vast majority of our new Haematology Specialist Trainees (ST3) attended the BSH Trainee Induction Day. Their enthusiasm bodes well for our future and I wish to thank our excellent BSH Education Committee for this fantastic showcase of engagement and support. BSH wants to do more and will do more for our workforce and their wellbeing. Do tune in as we announce more of how we will bring value to our members.

With my best wishes for a happy end to the summer.

Cheng Hock