26 February 2019

February has been a rather mixed bag (what with swinging temperatures) and the performance report reads like this:

Below expectations: Missing a scheduled lecture due to diary dysfunction was rather embarrassing and a bit of a low point this month. It was also rather hard to beg forgiveness but judging by the lively tweets from the event, I cannot have been missed that much! It turned out to be a worse week than usual as Mrs T was not quite so willing to forgive my absence from that special ❤️ day.

Average: I am not a fervent user of twitter but a tweet that caught my eye was a survey comparing wellbeing between different specialties. Haematologists came right in the middle. I have not had a chance to check out its robustness or reliability but if true, would seem rather sobering. In the past, BSH has been rather reliant on the Royal Colleges to address these issues. Not anymore, as we seek your participation in our first workforce survey jointly organised with the RCPath. We need your views if your voice and the collective voice of Haematology is to be heard and taken seriously.

Above expectations: Our 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) will celebrate the well-being of a thriving Haematology community. I can promise that there will be something for everyone in our packed but carefully crafted programme. If this is your first ever meeting, we will be looking out for you to ensure that you feel part of this warm, friendly family. We already have bookings for the crèche and the social events will be guaranteed fun in the best Glaswegian manner! Among the many ASM highlights will be a chance to meet our new British Journal of Haematology editor - Professor John Barrett and hear about the exciting launch of our new open access journal!

Do watch this space but as I sign off, don’t forget the chance to catch and rate the performance of this President in the welcoming video for the BSH 2019 ASM! He needs a ❤️ this month!

With my best wishes,

Professor Cheng-Hock Toh

BSH Annual Scientific Meeting 2019