05 April 2018

The 58th BSH Annual Scientific Meeting is almost upon us and we look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool from the 16 – 18 April. There is a wide variety of sessions with some fantastic speakers planned throughout the meeting, and here we are calling on delegates to play their part in making this year’s ASM a real success.

Join the social media campaign

By joining the social media campaign, you can help create a real online buzz around this year’s meeting to expand the reach of BSH as an organisation as well as helping connect professionals within the haematology specialty with all that is going on at the meeting.

What can you do?

We want you to use your social media accounts (we recommend Twitter) to share all the interesting things that are happening at the ASM. These include but are not limited to:

  • Which sessions are you attending? Tweet about the sessions you are most looking forward to attending and why? What were your favourite sessions? We’d like to know.
  • Take home messages. What have you learnt from a session? Was there a quote from a speaker that caught your attention? Any interesting stats you picked up on? Tweet about it.
  • Sharing is caring. Make sure you retweet the BSH account – we will be tweeting regularly during the meeting. We also encourage you to retweet posts from speakers and other delegates.
  • Start a conversation. Get the conversation going by asking questions and replying to other delegates. ASM is a great opportunity to connect online with other haematology professionals and to share your ideas and thoughts. You can browse the #BSH2018 hashtag to see what others are saying and join the conversation too.
  • Multimedia: Photos and short videos are a great way to give a snapshot into the atmosphere of the ASM, and anything interesting that you have seen. 

BSH Grant recipients

If you have been awarded a BSH grant to attend the ASM then we’d love to hear from you. In particular, we are interested in producing short video interviews on your ASM experience and what your grant has enabled you to achieve.

Please let us know if you would like to be an ambassador on social media or be interviewed for a short video.

Useful information

Our Twitter handle is @BritSocHaem and is our primary social media channel that we use and where we will be predominantly promoting the ASM.

Our Facebook page is @BritishSocietyForHaematology

The official hashtag of the ASM is #BSH2018 and we encourage you to include this in all your posts about the meeting as well as our Twitter handle, @BritSocHaem.

Please look to include the following hashtags where appropriate in your posts too:

















*Please note that any posts that begin with an @BritSocHaem are only visible to the BSH account and recommend you precede the @ with other words or a character to ensure that the tweet is visible to everyone following your account.

Contact us

If you would like further information, then you can contact [email protected] who can provide you with further assistance and guidance.

We look forward to reading your tweets.