06 February 2018

The BSH Blood Transfusion Guidelines have been included in an app to support specialists working in the field. The National Blood Transfusion Committee (NBTC) working with the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) have developed the ‘Blood Components App’ to assist the decision to transfuse a blood component.

The app was developed due to reports from local, regional and national clinical audits which continued to show levels of inappropriate blood component use. There are a number of robust guidelines and indications available to support correct decision making in authorising transfusions, however access to these may be a limiting factor for optimised patient care.

In the last few years the NBTC, in collaboration with NHSBT, BSH and other guideline authors, have taken the transfusion guidelines and indications and developed printable ‘bookmarks’ that provide core information to support clinical and laboratory awareness. With the increase in use of smartphones, these synopses were further developed into an application (App) format to provide ease of access.

As this new ‘Blood Components’ App can be updated when guidelines change, users can be assured that they will always be accessing current guidelines when they need them most, by the patient’s bedside.

The App is available on Apple (iOS) and Android Smartphone platforms and since its launch in May there are over 4,300 users.

The App can be accessed by searching ‘Blood Components’ in Apple or Play stores.

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Source: Communication to All Royal Colleges & Specialist Societies. National Blood Transfusion Committee, Blood Transfusion Guidelines in a single handy location Blood Components App, Wednesday 20 December 2017

Link: http://hospital.blood.co.uk/patient-services/patient-blood-management/education/


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