05 July 2018

Today (5 July) BSH is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the birth of the National Health Service, and all the amazing staff who work hard every day to deliver patient care.

BSH is also celebrating the role that Haematology has played throughout the 70 years of the NHS with a message from our President, Professor Cheng-Hock Toh:

‘As the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday, we in Haematology should be proud of how our integrated clinical and pathology specialty has innovated and set standards in delivering high quality patient care. We have also led the way in multi-disciplinary team working, peer-reviewed accreditation processes and patient safety measures.’

I am keen that BSH builds upon these important foundations and will lead our Board of Trustees this weekend to strategise and future-proof our specialty for a changing NHS beyond 70. We will celebrate the specialisation and diversification of Haematology but remain true to the congruent position that “Haematology is central to the practice of Medicine”.

BSH wishes the NHS and all of it's staff a very happy birthday.