13 February 2018

BSH Member Dr Amit Sud awarded Haematology Research Medal

BSH Member Dr Amit Sud has recently been awarded the prestigious 2017 Royal College of Pathologists Haematology Research Medal.

Dr Sud, who works in the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology at the Institute of Cancer Research, picked up the award for his paper, ‘Risk of Second Cancer in Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors and Influence of Family History’.

The study found that patients who have been cured of Hodgkin lymphoma are at a higher risk of developing a second type of cancer, particularly if there is a history of the disease in the family.

Speaking about his award, Dr Sud said, "I am honoured and thrilled to be awarded the Royal College of Pathologists Research Medal in Haematology. I would like to thank Professor Richard Houlston at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and Professor Kari Hemminki at the German Research Centre and Lund University, as well as their research teams, for their support.

This work highlights the importance of teamwork in science as this study would not be possible without the collaboration of the ICR, the German Cancer Research Centre and Lund University. I would also like to thank Cancer Research UK, the ICR and the Royal Marsden Haematology Department for supporting my PhD and ongoing research.

I plan to continue my work investigating the role of genetics in Hodgkin lymphoma and other B-cell malignancies."

BSH would like to congratulate Amit on receiving this fantastic award.

Paper: ‘Risk of Second Cancer in Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors and Influence of Family History’

Discover more: https://www.icr.ac.uk/news-archive/hodgkin-lymphoma-survivors-at-high-risk-of-second-cancers

(Photo: Warren Potter)