22 February 2022

The pandemic has shown us all that the NHS simply needs more staff. It has laid bare and exacerbated the terrible strain the NHS workforce has been under for many years. The workforce crisis is now the biggest challenge facing the NHS, and to ensure that everybody gets the care they need and deserve, comprehensive action must be taken.

The Government have publicly committed to workforce investment and a long-term plan for workforce. But successive Governments have continually failed to deliver on such promises despite previous commitments and warm words. It is now time to ensure that these measures are put on a sustainable and long-term footing in primary legislation.

The House of Lords have joined us in supporting these changes to guarantee we have long term workforce projections to ensure we are training enough doctors and nurses for the future – now we need MPs to do the same.

By backing this workforce amendment along with almost 100 major health organisations and charities, MPs will be backing the future of the NHS workforce.

Our amendment to the Health and Care Bill would make it a legal duty for the Government to publish projections of NHS workforce gaps every two years, and help hold the Government to account for training enough doctors and nurses to provide vital care for people all across the country.

Please email your MP today to ask them to support our amendment. This will help ensure we can guarantee that the NHS has the staff to deliver the comprehensive personalised care that we would want for all our loved ones.

Please download this template to send on to your MP. This template can be used as is or amended to reflect personal circumstances, which may have more of an impact.