26 February 2018

Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust (CHUFT) haematology department has been awarded the Clinical Service Excellence Programme award from Myeloma UK.

The award recognises the hospital’s commitment to providing superior treatment to myeloma patients, and their help to make improvements in the wider healthcare community.

Ranked across eight measures, CHUFT scored excellent against these evidence-based standards. This incorporates the views of patients and family members, as well as healthcare professionals who have experience of service change and best practice care and delivery for myeloma patients.

Rosemarie Finley, Chief Executive at Myeloma UK, said: “Our Clinical Service Excellence Programme (CSEP) acknowledges excellence in the management, treatment and support of myeloma patients.  It also captures emerging best practice and enables us to understand what’s happening in this rapidly changing and challenging environment.”

One of the team in the CHUFT haematology department, Consultant Haematologist Dr Mike Hamblin, is a BSH member and had the following to say on the award:

“The Haematology unit at Colchester Hospital were delighted to receive the Clinical Service Excellence Programme Award from Myeloma UK this year and were pleased we were ranked as excellent across all eight measures. Whilst this reflects a collective multi-disciplinary team effort, in particular the co-ordinating skills of our Myeloma CNS, the award endorses a service that is very patient focused and responsive to the needs of our local population. We hope that, in practice, the primary benefactors of the programme award are our growing caseload of patients and families affected by myeloma.


A number of hospitals across the UK are currently participating in the Myeloma UK CSEP Award. For more information visit: https://csep.myeloma.org.uk