16 February 2018

Once again we've kept our eye on social media this week so you don't have to... here's our digital digest.





Watch BSH member Dr Cédric Ghevaert introduce his research on Laboratory-grown blood cells. The video is produced by Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.


Watch nerve cells being born in the brains of living mice. Not strictly haematology related, but we still found this video fascinating. 

Science News reports on the specialized cells in the brains of mice



The science community celebrated Darwin Day on 12 February. The Institute of Cancer Research highlighted how his work can be used today to help combat cancer.


We have just discovered the amazing #TransfusionToons

Search the hashtag for more brilliant transfusion related comics


And finally...

14 February marked Valentine's Day. We enjoyed seeing haematologist Chris Tiplady's image of a heart shaped lymphocyte.


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