02 March 2018

It has been a busy and chilly week and we have rustled up a few of our favourite media bites for you to enjoy.

You probably know where we are by now on Twitter and on Facebook, but did you know we have a YouTube page?



The University of St Andrews shared how Scottish doctors are encouraged to engage with poetry whilst undertaking their medical training. 


Stem Cell Evidence have highlighted a resource for a free monthly digest of articles regarding haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. 



After the #beastfromtheeast hit, medical professionals battled the elements to continue to provide healthcare. Some determined nurses proved their steadfastness and live streamed their battle to get to work. 


The European Medical Journal posted this interesting fact about the volume of blood in the human body, along with a fun video. 


BSH member Dr Beverly Hunt highlighted this tweet which includes a video to show current view of coagulation. 


Nurses, join us at our Annual Scientific Meeting in Liverpool...



Haematology is the feature of this month's PAINE podcast, have a listen...



 We put together a couple of Twitter moments for Rare Disease day as well as our Transfusion in Practice course



And finally...

A heartwarming story as Rochdale footballer Joe Thompson made his return to action this week after beating Hogdkin Lymphoma twice...



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