05 June 2018

A senior haemophilia nurse has talked about the challenges of caring for patients with the condition.

Dr Kate Khair is chair of the nurses' committee of the World Federation of Haemophilia and a leading specialist nurse in the UK, based at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

Speaking at the Federation's recent conference in Glasgow, UK, Dr Khair told of the "lack of understanding" of the role of specialist nurses - who are often the key contact for patients - and spoke of the changing needs in haemophilia care.

She said: “Specialist nurses are challenged by lack of understanding of their role.

"This is an NHS wide issue around specialist nurses who are seen to cost a lot yet it’s hard to quantify exactly what we do - but the benefit to patients is enormous.

“In haemophilia the role of the specialist nurse is paramount - we are the lynchpins of the haemophilia multi-disciplinary team, usually first point of contact for patients and families.

The roles continue to change to reflect modern medical haemophilia care - teaching subcutaneous self-care is the latest reflection of this, as new therapies and administration models emerge."

She added: "Nurse prescribing and nurse-led services deliver excellent patient care that is both timely and cost effective.”


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