21 June 2018

A key strategic focus of BSH is to strengthen the voice of haematology at international levels. This has been a major activity in the last few weeks.  First was a trip to Beijing– Tianjin.  Many of you will have heard of China’s “One Belt, One Road” aspirations, while this is primarily about growing the economy, “Wealth and Health” agendas are invariably intertwined.  I had the pleasure of leading a UK contingent from different disciplines to collaborate with the China Academy of Sciences (CAS) and realise the “One Belt, One Road, One Health” ambition (Professor Rao in photo is Chair of CAS Biology and Medicines Division). Certainly, China has strengths in basic structural science and drug discovery but the clinical translational nous of the UK is what they would need.

I am often asked why a haematologist is involved in these matters, my polite and prompt answer is that Haematology is central to the practice of medicine.  I was therefore pleased that the European Hematology Association (EHA) President articulated a similar sentiment during his opening address at the recent EHA Congress in Stockholm.  Again, that meeting was excellent for BSH to engage and network effectively.  What really pleased me at Stockholm was hearing from several UK Haematology trainees that our recent BSH Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in Liverpool was better!  This was because BSH ASM had “hygge”; i.e. a warm, inclusive atmosphere, you can imagine that this has made my smile return since my first message as BSH President!

With best wishes.

Professor Cheng-Hock Toh