22 March 2018

Two biomedical scientists have been praised for beating the recent cold weather to ensure a leukaemia patient was able to get a scheduled transplant.

The patient was being prepped at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, and stem cells were being processed at a centre in Southampton when the heavy snow descended two weeks ago.

This led to contractor companies cancelling all deliveries – but scientists Geoff White and Sue Bartlett determined that the patient would get the treatment.

The scientists embarked on a three-hour journey through thick snow – and arrived in London as the patient was undergoing the last round of chemotherapy.

They took emergency supplies of tea and cake with them in case of hold-ups.

Ms Bartlett said: “When we got to St George’s we handed over the stem cells to the transplant nurse who was surprised to see us. The patient was at the hospital having had their last round of chemo ready for the transplant, so it was imperative that the stem cells got there.”

The St George’s stem cell transplant nurse coordinator Michaela Mayhew said: “Geoff and Sue truly went the extra mile for our patients by hand delivering the stem cells last week during the bad weather spell.

“We really appreciate their support and willingness to get them here when other transport couldn’t.”


Source: NHS Blood and Transplant



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