28 October 2022

The BSH has worked with the NHS Patient Safety team to update the information and monitoring booklets for patients on oral anticoagulation. The resources include:

  • An updated information booklet for patients on warfarin and other vitamin K antagonists
  • An updated booklet for monitoring vitamin K antagonists that now includes a column for recording time-in-therapeutic range (TTR)
  • An new information booklet for patients on direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) that includes a section for recording renal function
  • An updated anticoagulation card suitable for patients on vitamin K antagonists and DOACs

Healthcare staff providing anticoagulation services can access the resources in the same way as previously: via NHS Forms or Primary Care Support England (PCSE). Existing stock of the previous versions will continue to be used and distributed but they will be gradually replaced by the new versions.