13 October 2018

With a mission to advance awareness, information and research in venous thromboembolism (VTE), Thrombosis UK is providing a diverse and expanding range of resources to achieve this ambitious goal.

The recently re-designed website now provides free access to medically approved patient information tools and a depository for sharing medical papers and updates on advancements in care and implementation.

Extending the Travel Fellowship VTE grants and support for research, in 2018 Thrombosis UK launched its’ VTE Master Research Grant, open to all healthcare and allied professionals.

In support of World Thrombosis Day, the charity has launched a new programme of educational symposiums to enhance those run during their annual May education and awareness campaign ‘Let’s Talk Clots’. The new sessions are in collaboration with local NHS Trusts and provide an introduction to thrombosis to Early Career HCPs and Medical Students.

Thrombosis UK welcomes collaborative partnerships to advance learning, care and research in thrombosis. To contact please email CEO Jo Jerrome: [email protected]

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