Dr Claire Roddie and UCLH CAR T team have organised this meeting to discuss CAR T cell therapy in the non-malignant disease areas of Rheumatology and Neurology to include MS, MG, lupus, SS and myositis patient pathways. Suitable for anyone working in this area.

Date: Friday 27 September

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ

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  • Creation a CAR T cell therapy day to discuss issues which impact rheumatology and neurology areas of treatment and autoimmunity.
  • Enable sharing best practice from across the UK and with an International expert opinion.
  • To satisfy unmet needs in the diagnosis, research and treatment pathways of CAR T cell therapy for autoimmune diseases.

Topics to include:

  • Trials updates for CAR T in autoimmune disease
  • Real World Experience - Rheumatology speaker from University Hospital Erlangen
  • Sequencing of treatment, transplant and CAR T
  • Eligibility and selection of rheumatology patients
  • Eligibility and selection of neurology patients
  • The route to CAR T and the practicalities to consider
  • Toxicity management and ICU
  • Shared care considerations for CAR T pre and post procedure
    Case studies


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September 27th 2024
CAR-T for Autoimmune Disease
Dr Claire Roddie and UCLH CAR T team have organised this meeting to discuss CAR T cell therapy in the non-malignant d...