30 October 2019

As we prepare for an evening of trick or treat, there has also been increasing coverage over NHS workforce concerns. For haematology, workforce planning is overseen by both the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Pathologists but I have been clear that BSH plays a proactive rather than reactive role in this space. Your participation in our workforce survey that BSH coordinated with both Colleges has enabled us to now have haematology-specific workforce data. This is most helpful and is being finalised for announcement by year end.

It is not likely that there will be immediate treats for us with regard to Haematology staffing and training numbers but BSH will need to be involved in working through realisable solutions. The GMC workforce report highlighted that attention to wellbeing, flexibility and providing a job that offers a mix of specialisms as important! Haematology certainly offers a good mix and BSH can help ensure that you feel well supported in your work and also enjoy contributing to a thriving haematology community. BSH provides many opportunities to get involved and next month, we will be asking for nominations to join the BSH Board. Do think about how you could contribute to a BSH Board which represents the richness and diversity that makes a career in Haematology attractive for recruitment and retention in these pressing times.

There is also the opportunity to get involved with the preparations for the 60th Anniversary by sharing your story and passion for Haematology with us via our website or by contacting [email protected]. Registration for our Diamond Jubilee Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) is now open, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. In addition to the strong science and updates to our practice, there will sessions dedicated to addressing professional challenges for the workforce.

Another treat at the ASM will be the showcasing of our brand new BSH Open Access Journal eJHaem. I am especially delighted to welcome Professor Andrew M. Evens to the BSH family and wish him well as the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of eJHaem.  eJHaem will launch its first full issue in early 2020 that will run alongside the British Journal of Haematology (BJHaem) in helping clinicians and researchers around the world keep up to date with the latest recommendations, developments and protocols in haematology.

Invariably for both BJHaem and eJHaem, there will be increasing papers published on Genomics Haematology. What is also certain will be the need for us to learn new tricks of the trade in integrating genomics into multidisciplinary team meetings. So, BSH will work closely with the Genomics Laboratory Hubs and develop educational resources and grants to help you. To enable us to answer as many of your questions on this emerging science as possible, we will be creating a FAQ page. Do help us get this right by submitting your questions to form the basis of this page: please email [email protected] with your genomics questions.

Until next month, I wish you all well with treats aplenty on the 31st October!